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About Us

BNFCS is Saudi financial service firm, providing custom-tailored strategic advice and services to both local and foreign corporations and investors. We advice our clients on matters of corporate strategy, merger and acquisition, restructuring, corporate finance and asset management.

Finance Advisory Services

Our financial know how, in combination with our understanding of the local market, enable us to provide our clients with a wide range of financial advisory services. Our Principals have served as financial architects for a wide variety of transactions. Their expertise is reflected in the range of capital market solutions that BMFCS is able to offer to its clients.

Debt Settlement

Our professionals at have BMFCS the experience, competency and capability that are required to negotiate with lending institutions to restructure debt and make effective settlements.

Private Placement

Our private placement services range from creating the capital plan and structuring the financial terms to providing marketing assistance.

Public Offering

BMFCS professionals are available to assist our client in evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of going public. We can present alternate methods of raising capital or creating liquidity for the business owners.

Strategic Alliance

There are many ways for a company to grow, including internal growth, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and strategic alliances.

Corporate Divestiture

BMFCS provides a proven methodology in helping clients to successfully manage their divestitures.

Merger Consulting

As Financial Advisor, BMFCS can help clients to develop strategic plans that combine the financial potential of the transaction along with the goals and objectives of the company making the acquisition.

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